Boxing Booth at Mayfest 2009, Bristol, UK

BOXING BOOTH recovers two iconic and contradictory public events - the traditional red pillar telephone box and the 17th century boxing booth - by combining them into a redefined piece of urban furniture. By installing a boxing bag inside, the typical red pillar telephone box is rediscovered, subverted by its new use as an outlet for physical discharge. As a public installation, this confessional space acquires an ambiguous dimension, exposing a particular act of individual avowal by framing it into general acceptance, and therefore underlining the truth that everything is permitted within its own social boundaries.

BOXING BOOTH is part of the Mayfest 2009: Bristol's festival of contemporary theatre, and can be found in front of the Bristol Old Vic theatre (UK), from the May 1 to 5.

author Pedro Viana
produced by Polar Produce
May 2009