Experience in Landscape #3

3. Diving in apnea or free-diving in Dean-Blue Hole http://www.prlog.org/
Apnea is the voluntary or involuntary suspension of breathing. Free-diving plays with the time period in which the brain is able to concentrate, reducing its activity and consume to a minimum level of oxygen, and still survive without major damage. In this immersed landscape the body is fully aggregated to the environment, like a suspended rock.

Landscape is created and worked from a state of immersion (from within) in the attempt of assimilation of the environment and the will of perpetuation of experience. It is transformed for the sake of survival.

This transformation is applicable not directly to the landscape but to each of its mechanisms, without exception, adjusting directions in order to adapt, struggling to reinforce control, unsetting so as to place things within new proclaimed boundaries. The application of limit is conducted progressively by the surpassing of previous instituted barriers: breaching to new settlements.

Ultimately, in this conflictuous expression of hospitality, tensed by the strive for territorialization and proliferation of culture, the survivor is the one that sets to outlive.

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