Experience in Landscape #1

1 .Hasegawa Tohaku 1539-1610
"Pine Trees" - Pair of six-folded screens; ink on paper.156.8 x 356.0cm - Tokyo National Museum
First landscape paintings. This kind of monochromatic register was exclusive to a few trained Japanese artists that would reproduce their experience of landscape after long periods of observation and meditation on the environment. They would then draw as if in free fall, in a continuous act, without corrections and using limited painting resources.

The term Landscape is a recurrence of contemporary speech. It is considered to express an objective representation of territorial presence.

The creative pulse of this representation, that is, the constant projection of the self, is defining individual domains, fragmenting that same territory into multiple realizations of the present continuous.

It is that spontaneous activity – which extends beyond the classical sense of visual perception into deeper realms of cognition – that is often reported and reproduced, resetting the landscape, and thus, giving origin to a new set of projections.

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